Practical info

Through this homepage it is possible to book an appointment to your physician, to renew your prescription and to have an e-mail consultation.

Booking an appointment

It is important to select the reason for the appointment. You must wait the reply to confirm your appointment. If more then one appointment is necessary, please contact our secretary by phone.

Renewing your prescription

Only permanent prescriptions can be renewed on-line. Prescription of all addictive drugs, including sleeping pills requires direct contact with your physician. Hormonal prescriptions for menopause, birth control, blood pressure and diabetes drugs require regularly checks.

E-mail consultation

You can send e-mail with e.g. simple, single questions, concerning a specific problem such as asking about the results of your blood tests, biopsy and inoculation. You will get the answer within 5 days. For further details, it is necessary to call your physician.